MediaMonkey will not play my music


MediaMonkey will not play my music

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I installed MediaMonkey on my new Compaq computer six months ago. I am running Windows 7. MM has always performed well and not given me any problems until today (I have over 7,000 songs in my library). When I click on the big red "play/pause" button, nothing happens. The music will not play. The button just toggles back and forth between "play" and "pause". I have uninstalled MM (version 3.2.1), then downloaded and installed the newer version (3.2.4), but this did not correct the problem. I get the same result when I use the "Play" pulldown menu button at the top of the screen. A few days ago, I installed "Uniblue Registry Booster" on the computer, and I have used it several times to clean up the Registry. (I wonder if this is what messed it up.) I have considered reformatting the hard drive, then installing the Recovery Discs for the computer, and then reinstalling MediaMonkey. I don't want to do this unless it will fix the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Please help.

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